Individual therapy


Therapy for pregnant and new moms includes support to promote healthy bonding and attachment to baby.

Some common concerns in the perinatal period include:

  • prenatal depression and anxiety
  • postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD
  • traumatic pregnancy or childbirth experience
  • feelings of guilt, shame, or fear
  • feeling disconnected
  • infertility, pregnancy loss, still birth, infant loss
  • pregnancy after postpartum depression or anxiety

Group for mamas

Connecting with other moms can be a supportive and healing shared experience. This is a small therapy group where you can share about the joys and pains of adjusting to motherhood. This group is intended to provide you with a better understanding of perinatal depression and anxiety, give you a safe space to find support and connect to other moms, and to provide you with useful and practical coping strategies for managing anxiety and depression.



Deciding to start a family is one of many milestones in a relationship. For many couples the transition and adjustment to parenthood can be a difficult and stressful one.  Couples therapy during this season is unique in that the focus of sessions is not only helping the couple reconnect but also addresses some of the common stressors that accompany issues related to starting a family.  

Common issues for couples include:

  • infertility, pregnancy loss, still birth, infant loss
  • preparing for baby
  • reconnecting with your partner
  • managing role transitions and adjusting to bringing baby home
  • loss, guilt, resentment