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I'm Marisela, a licensed clinical social worker in Whittier Ca. I’m a wife, mom, and maternal health advocate. I have over a decade of experience in perinatal & infant mental health working both as a therapist and volunteer. My mission is to support women, mothers, and families through the different developmental stages of womanhood and motherhood. I believe that we need to care for our whole selves in order to live full authentic lives and that by caring for ourselves we care for our children and families and the generations to come. I’m working hard to smash stigma, break the silence surrounding mental health, and amplifying the voices and stories of loss.

What I do

I bring a unique approach to treatment for pregnant and postpartum women by blending my experience and specialized training in perinatal mental health, pregnancy loss, and infant mental health. Therapy is provided in individual sessions, mama + baby/toddler sessions, and couples sessions.

In addition to being a women's therapist I also teach and train, I'm a consultant with The California Inclusion and Behavior Consultation (CIBC) Network, a project that supports early care and education programs, I volunteer when times allows especially if it has to do with women and little ones, and I'm an alumni mentor for Cal State Long Beach.


I have a B.A. in psychology and a Masters degree in Social Work, both from California State University Long Beach.  I’m a licensed clinical social worker and Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental health Specialist. I continue to receive education through clinical conferences and webinars, and you can always find me reading several books at a time related to social work, psychology, or mental health.

specialized training and experience

I have specialized training in perinatal mental health, pregnancy loss, infant mental health, and infant massage.