Welcome to my therapy practice! I’m so glad you’re here.

Therapy is great self-care for you and your family.

This is a therapy practice dedicated to supporting individuals, couples, and families.

Whether you seek a one-time consultation, short term, or long term therapy, I provide you with compassionate treatment and support that is relationship and attachment focused and trauma informed.

my vision

I believe that mental health should be something we talk about and care about just as much as any other health care issue. I also believe we can do a better job at talking about the realities of infertility and perinatal mental health.

Through individual and couples services, community and family education, building and strengthening support systems, community connections and collaborations, we can normalize the need for help during vulnerable life stages and developmental phases, and ensure that every new parent and couple has the safety net and village that will help them thrive before pregnancy, during the early postpartum months, and beyond.

your story matters.

The only way to stomp out stigma and amplify the stories of loss, trauma, and mental health is to share them. Come back here for updates and how you can join in the conversation.

If you’d like to talk about starting therapy with me or you are a wellness or birth worker and would like to collaborate, please contact me. Can’t wait to sit and chat and with you! -M