strengthening relationships & supporting maternal mental health

My mission is to support women, mothers, and couples maintain or establish healthy relationships as they navigate their journey and the developmental stages that accompany starting a family, healing through loss or infertility, the postpartum adjustment period, and the many ups and downs they may encounter as the couple dyad shifts to a triad.

attachment-focused therapy

Across the lifespan, relationships play a crucial role in our day to day wellbeing. All of us navigate our lives in relation to others. Many common concerns bringing individuals into therapy have roots in relational difficulties and early attachment patterns. When not addressed, these patterns not only continue to play a central role in how you related to others but they’re also passed down to the next generation. The good news is that these patterns can be changed allowing you to gain satisfaction and wellbeing in all your relationships. In pregnancy and in the postpartum period we address attachment to support a healthy attachment pattern with baby right from the start.

attachment-focused therapy can help with

  • relationships, family, & healthy boundaries

  • strengthening attachment with baby

  • grief and loss

  • anxiety, depression, postpartum depression

  • life transitions

perinatal therapy

  • pregnancy + postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

  • infertility + pregnancy loss

  • infant mental health